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Our vision is simple yet powerful: to empower schools with efficiency, streamlined processes, consolidated data, and alleviated frustration. We are dedicated to enabling school management and teachers to devote more quality time to their amazing students!

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Unraveling the Complexities of Education Management

We have identified that parents, teachers and school administrators are dissatisfied with today’s solutions

  • System overload, 7 IT-systems are used on average to manage a typical school
  • Manual processes, with no or poor integrations between systems
  • High prices, on today’s solutions (~$30.000 annually)
  • High overhead, teachers and administrators must learn different systems UI
  • Lack of control, due to many systems with to much functionality and lack of time and resources to learn good practices
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Education management

Strigoo information handling

School Information System

Centralized platform streamlining school data and empowering educators with real-time access to student information, attendance, and grades

Strigoo home cooperation

Home Cooperation

Facilitating seamless communication between schools and parents through a user-friendly parent portal, fostering a supportive learning environment

Strigoo digital education

Digital Education

Modern and userfriendly platform enabling educators to create engaging digital content and personalized learning paths for students

Strigoo Learning management

Learning management

Efficiently managing academic activities with a comprehensive toolkit for course content, assignments, and real-time student progress monitoring

Strigoo National reporting

National reporting

Simplifying the process of compiling and submitting national education reports, ensuring compliance effortlessly

Strigoo Integrations


Seamless integration with existing tools and systems, creating a unified ecosystem for enhanced productivity and data accessibility

How Strigoo change education management?

Unraveling the Complexities of Education Management

In today’s market, education management can be a complex puzzle. Schools often find themselves juggling multiple software programs, with the typical institution relying on as many as seven different applications for their everyday operations. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiencies and challenges in maintaining consistency across various systems.

Simplifying Manual Processes

We understand that many schools struggle with time-consuming manual processes. The burden of managing multiple integrations weighs heavily on educators, administrators, and support staff. We believe there’s a better way. Strigoo is here to simplify and streamline those processes, providing an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for excessive manual work and reduces the risk of errors.

Empowering All Users

One of the key pain points for schools is the onboarding and training of different users across multiple systems. Many existing software solutions lack user-friendly interfaces, making it difficult for staff, students, and guardians to navigate and utilize the tools effectively. At Strigoo, we’re committed to addressing this challenge. Our intuitive platform ensures that everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, can easily navigate and utilize our system.

Guided by Advisors, Fueled by Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from personal connections to the education field. As parents and with family members who are teachers and advisors in school, we have witnessed firsthand the challenges they face daily. We understand the needs of students, guardians, teachers, and school administrators, and this deep understanding fuels our drive to improve and reinvent existing systems.

Inspired by Real-Life Experiences

At Strigoo, our inspiration comes from personal connections to the education field. As parents and with family members who are teachers, we have witnessed the challenges they face daily.

Our deep understanding of the needs of students, guardians, teachers, and school administrators fuels our drive to improve and reinvent existing systems.

Our Journey and Expertise

Strigoo AS was founded in August 2020, but our journey began long before that. Based in Sarpsborg, Norway, our company operates remotely, with a passionate team of three employees. Each member of our crew brings extensive experience from various startups, some of which have achieved great success. Our collective expertise in IT development spans over 50 years, allowing us to create a robust and innovative solution for education management.

In addition to our core team, we are fortunate to have a group of dedicated advisors who contribute valuable insights, ideas, and testing support. Their guidance ensures that we stay on the right path and continuously improve our offerings.

Ottar Bruhn

Former Educational Advisor in Fredrikstad Municipality and founder of Oppvekstdata

Pål-Andre Kjønniksen

Founder and CEO Cefyr AS

Fredrik Häger

Founder and CEO Carbon Centric AS

Fredrik B. Hansen

Founder of several kindergardens, schools and CEO Philini Institute AS

Mikael Melitshenko

Head of Incubation Smart Innovation Norway AS

Lars Henning Finstad

Head of School Hafslund ungdomsskole

About us

Trond J. Undrum

Trond J. Undrum


Fullstack development, devops, organization, daily operations and innovation.

Thomas Hermansen

Thomas Hermansen


Fullstack development, database and API-design, strategy and domain driven design.

Marius Johansen Wallin

Marius Johansen Wallin


Frontend development, user experience, design thinking, teaching and education.

Join us on this transformative journey

Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionize education management with Strigoo. Together, we can empower schools, enhance learning experiences, and make a lasting impact on the future of education.

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